June 02, 2006

New Tree-maiming Hall of Shame champion

On the way to Asheville, NC for vacation, we observed a new tree-maiming politician: Ben Hand, a Republican candidate for Alabama Supreme Court. His signs were nailed 2 and 3 to a tree on I59 North in the Springville area. I've seen them in other parts of the state as well. They seem to be outnumbering Lucy Baxley's signs, making him the new champ.

Charley Baker, Democrat running for State Auditor, had signs hanging from strings on trees - illegal, but at least it doesn't kill trees.

Nathan Mathis, Democrat candidate for governor, had his signs pasted onto pillars of interstate bridges - looked like urban graffiti.

We can take heart in Alabama that we're not the only ones who fight campaign sign litter. On the way from Asheville to Atlanta today we drove through South Carolina and the signs were, believe it or not, even worse than ours. There were a lot of big signs posted even on the limited access state highways, and of course intersections had dozens of signs which were indistinguishable from each other or from the hamburger wrappers surrounding them.

May 24, 2006

Campaign Signs - Open Comments

Candidates: some of you have asked how you can tell if it's ok to put up your signs. One way to tell - if the government cuts the grass, your sign doesn't belong there. You're costing taxpayers money and it doesn't help much anyway. Find something else for your volunteers to do!

This is an open thread - please post comments of signs you've seen (photos are OK also), actions you've taken or ideas.

May 09, 2006

Campaign Sign Hall of Shame, Tree-maiming edition

These candidates' signs were not only on public property, but also were nailed to trees. This damages our trees, and most of us would prefer our trees to remain healthy. These signs were on I459 and I20/59 between Birmingham and Tuscaloosa on May 8.

Grand prize: Lucy Baxley (D) for Governor. Numerous signs, all nailed to trees in public right of way. I have also seen these signs taped to street signs, nailed to telephone poles and precariously perched in medians. This campaign needs to hear from citizens about their signs! lucy at lucybaxley.com

(Dis)honorable mentions:
Glenn Murdock (R), candidate for place 4, Alabama Supreme Court. rickrenshaw at hotmail.com

Mo Brooks (R), candidate for Lt. Governor mbrooks at leo-law.com

Campaign Sign Hall of Shame, Standard Edition

No pictures, unfortunately, but these were observed May 8 on 459 South and 20/59 South from Birmingham to Tuscaloosa. Unless otherwise noted, they were near the roadside, in public right of way:

(Note: subsitute the @ symbol for the word "at" in email addresses. They are posted this way to hide from"spambots")

"E the Senator", which I am told is Sen. Hank Erwin (R), email senatorerwin at aol.com of Shelby County. These signs were, to their credit, way up the hill rather than right by the roadside.

Drayton Nabers (R), Chief Justice Alabama Supreme Court, dnabers at draytonnabers.com

Ron McGuffie (D), candidate for Jefferson County Sheriff. Observed on interstate offramp.

Rodger Smitherman (D), candidate for Senate District 18. Observed on interstate offramp. rodger99 at bellsouth.com

If you have seen illegal signs in your area, please add to comments (pictures can also be posted) or send an email and we will post.

May 03, 2006

Welcome to Alabama Clean Roads

We've set up this blog so that YOU - the concerned citizen - can help keep campaign sign trash off our roads and highways. If you see a campaign sign littering up the highway, you can post the name of the offender here, and pictures if you've got 'em. We can let people know about the "hall of shame" and maybe get a few of these candidates to clean up their acts and our highways.

On the Scenic Alabama website, we will have a sample letter, contact information for state candidates, and some action suggestions.

This blog allows for anonymous comments, but I will check it and delete any spam, flames or egregiously OT comments. Please don't post your political opinions here - we are going to be be equal opportunity shamers regardless of party affiliation. There are lots of opinion blogs out there.

Thank you for being involved in making our campaigns, and our state, a little cleaner.

Lisa Harris
Scenic Alabama